We believe success lies on several levels. Those who have reached the highest levels are the people who quickly adapt to change. Simply put, the “business-as-usual” model simply doesn’t work anymore. In the Golf Industry, for example, we have conditioned the “casual golfer” who plays roughly 12 times per year and who makes up roughly 82% of all golfers, to play our course only when we are offering a “deal”. Almost every course in your market is offering some sort of discount right now. Whether it’s through a web-based offer or a 2-for-1 deal, this is what the casual golfer is looking for. This is NOT the way to grow the game of golf at your course. STOP DISCOUNTING! As you know, all of these deals that repeat golfers visiting the same course over a one year period has declined by almost 45%. Sustainable growth can only come from loyal customers. The FMS program is designed to accomplish exactly this…we reach a targeted audience defined as being a casual golfer, and get them to commit to play 100% of their golf at your course, instead of them just playing your course 2 or 3 times.

FMS Cash Campaign

This program is designed to raise considerable cash over a 4-8 week period. Through a series of different marketing components which will/may include email blasts, well-placed local newspaper ads, radio TV, and direct mail and social media, you will attract new members to your club immediately. There are many “moving parts” to this program and FMS does 95% of all the work necessary. FMS will keep your campaign on schedule so you and your staff can focus on the course.


This program is ideal for the course operator who is interested in raising some cash for capital intensive investments.