“The program that Paul presented to us was very intriguing. However, it sounded very similar to a program that another company we talked with wanted us to run. After a few conversations with both Paul and Matt, we learned that in fact the program offered by FMS was far different. We never felt pressured by Paul or Matt, and they’re “soft-sell” approach was quite refreshing in this competitive business. We are delighted to refer FMS to any golf course seeking new business. They truly put their money where their mouth is.”

Don S. – South Carolina

“We met Matt and the rest of the team from FMS at a recent tradeshow. We have always thought that a “greens-fees” program, or a “discount” program would not be a good fit for our course. However, after talking with them for several minutes, we came to realize that their program was quite different. Long story short, I am very happy we worked with FMS and the results were just as they told us they would be. I would recommend this program even to those courses that are doing well.”

Jay P. – Wisconsin

“Do it, Do it, Do it. 45 years in the golf business and this is the first time I even considered working with someone outside of our company. I have since signed-up to run the FMS program with my other four courses. A winning program all the way around.”

Francis – Illinois

“Matt, what can I say. You brought my course a program that will keep me in business for the unseen future. Without you and the FMS program we would be closing our doors within 12 months. We always had a good product but never understood why it didn’t get more play. Now we know. We have all the play we can handle thanks to you and your program.”

Frank – Florida

‘Thank you very much for introducing this marketing concept to our company. The results have been very impressive for us ($435,000). We now “own” the local market…other areas of our business such as food and beverage have greatly benefited as well.”

Dave M – RI