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What We Do

Fairway Marketing Solutions provides our clients with an exclusive, state-of-the-art marketing campaign that is designed around your club’s business model. Our goal is to enhance the way you are currently marketing and acquiring new members, as well as increasing golf rounds. Whether you are interested in increasing membership at your course, or simply interested in generating additional revenue, we have more than “one club in our bag” to do the job. In today’s technically advanced world, it is not enough to be cutting edge….you need to have ingenuity. That is what FMS was built on.

The FMS team has over 15 years of experience in the golf industry. Specifically, we have been in the sports marketing business since 2010, where we started working out of a small office with just two phones. Today, thanks in part to our “word-of-mouth” referral program from our clients, we have expanded to three offices throughout the East Coast, with plans to open two additional offices in the Mid-West and West Coast in 2017. The FMS Team is made up of our office & support staff, art and design team, mailing procurement center, IT support, Area Managers and local V.P.’s


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Will The Program Work For My Club?

With over 90 years of combined experience the team at FMS has had the privilege and opportunity to visit and work with hundreds of golf properties throughout the US. Regardless of how much we may like to work with your golf property, it is important that we can deliver results. That’s what FMS’ reputation is built on….RESULTS.

FMS knows your market, but more importantly, we know our market. FMS would love to be able to work with all of the courses that contact us, but that simply isn’t impossible. Our program does require some minimum benchmarks. Each and every golf property we work with goes through the same process of due-diligence to determine if the program is not only a good fit for you, but a good fit for FMS. Before we even “launch” our program at your club, FMS will have invested a great deal of resources compiling necessary data. Remember, FMS works on a performance basis only.

Our clients we have worked with include private country clubs, member-owned courses, semi-private golf clubs, public courses, 9-hole courses and municipally owned courses. Chances are, we will be able to design a program for your club too. To find out if your course qualifies, simply email our office the following:

1. Name & address of the course

2. Number of years the course has been in business

3. Your highest & lowest greens fees offered to the public in the past 12 months

4. Cost of a Membership in each category

5. How many members you have had in each of the past three years.

6. How many golf rounds (starts) your course had last year